About US

Our Retail Expertise

“Over 45 Years Experience Supporting the Adult Novlety Market”

At Cloud 9 Novelties, we understand the adult market. With over 45 years of successful distribution in the U.S., we offer the required expertise to launch, market and support this value-added brand into our distribution network. Our seasoned sales staff offers the product and sales expertise to promote and support the changing needs of the Adult Novelty dealer today in the U.S. We support our dealer network with consumer developed packaging, e-learning support and drop shipment programs.

We Support Retail

Packaging Expertise for Brick & Mortar Dealers

Could 9 Novelties offers 45 years of consumer packaging expertise based on market research, consumer retail trends, and real-time adult store feedback? Our consumer packaging and line strategies include bonus on-pack offers for maximum sales velocity on the retail floor

e-learning Support for store operators

We offer a complete e-learning solution for all Cloud 9 Novelties products available 24/7. Dealers can train associates on the newest product releases using PC/MAC, tablets, or on Android/iPhones

e-commerce  Support for Drop Ship Re-Sellers

Cloud 9 Novelties offers complete drop shipment services; supported sites include Shopify, Ebay, Amazon Marketplace – or any site with API integration capability.

“We Bring Value To Adult Novelties”

At Cloud 9 Novelties, “We bring value to adult novelties.” We are all about couples having the most fun at the best prices. Only the best quality, completely body safe products are included in this fresh new lineup of adult toys that are designed to sell. These toys are classically fashioned to offer the best experience at a value price. Cloud 9 Novelties’ crisp packaging is eye catching with quick and simple feature callouts that are unique to Cloud 9. As a consumer you will have all the product information you are looking for in a single glance.

Everyday Value
Our products offer the best value as an entry level solution for today’s shoppers. Our value statement includes bonus on pack offers, consumer offers and entry level consumer pricing providing easy consumer affordability.

Couple Friendly
Our products are developed to satisfy the needs of today’s couples. We offer several product kit configurations with accessories that allow partners to maximize their overall experience.

Cloud 9 Novelties’ body safe and phthalate free products are fun to use and eliminates the worry of buying poor quality products. We offer an unconditional consumer return and exchange warranty for our entire product range.

Cloud 9 Novelties is one of our fastest selling and growing prouct line at retail, we are expanding into the newest Health and Wellness products.